Wedding Arches

Wrought Iron . Wood . Resin


ceremony arch
ceremony arch
Wedding Arch w Wine Barrels
Wrought Iron Arch
iron wedding arch - 402
wrought iron arch - 402
$75.00 plain
$375.00 as pictured - pricing will vary w fabric selection, lights & decor, etc.
*$90.00 each for wine barrrels
$65.00 plain*
*85.00 for faux flowers as shown


wedding ceremony
wedding ceremony
wedding canopy
Wedding Canopy
Wedding Canopy
Wedding Canopy
wedding canopy facade - 501
wedding canopy facade - 503
wedding canopy facade - 505
$275.00 as shown*
*75.00 - sm chandelier
*150.00 - lg chandelier
*$9.00 - flower balls
*$7.00 - shepherds hooks
$300.00 - as shown*
*pricing varies w size, fabric selection & decor
This photo shows 4 - 14 ft white chiffon panels w pipe socks & sashes


Wooden Garden Arch

wedding arch
wedding arch
wedding arch
wedding arch
Wooden Garden Arch - A dramatic "wedding stage" that goes with several wedding designs.
arch - 202
11' w x 8' d x 8' h
Installation by our staff is required. The price of installation depends on where the arch will be located.
Flower ball & grapevine decorations are not included, but are an additional $295.00 - 30 assorted balls on fishing line. This is a beautiful wedding stage.


All arch rentals are priced without decor. Decor is often personalized and is additional. Pricing for decor typically is in the $95 - $375 range.

Our wedding arches can be decorated in a variety of ways. Tulle, fabric, vines, greenery, and more - can be draped about. Fresh or faux flowers - and twinkle lights can be used for accent. We have a fantastic florist that does gorgeous floral designs.

We can deliver, fully decorate and take down arches. Same day or late night arch removable begins at $150.

chuppah - wedding canopyA great alternative to a Wedding Arch is a Chuppah or Wedding Canopy. Due to set-up and take down complexity, we heartily recommend that you use our set-up & delivery service.

All pick-up orders will require 20% security deposit. Security deposits will be refunded once all items have been returned, unless damaged or missing. Arches, chuppahs, chandeliers and candelabras are subject to a higher deposit.


wedding arch / tent
beautiful wedding arch w flowers
Wedding Canopy
Wrought Iron Arch
wedding canopy facade - 160
wedding canopy chuppah - 164
$135 - approximate*
*faux flowers, bird cage & urns are not included
*pricing varies w size, fabric selection & decor
$75.00 for arch only*
*add $75 for faux flowers


wedding arch
hanging chandelier
Wedding Canopy
Outdoor Ceremony Area
wedding canopy facade - 164
Couple passed through an entryway arch & exchanged vows under chandelier
$260.00 as pictured w heavy bases & stakes
pricing varies w size, fabric selection, decor. Pipe socks & sashes included
A chandelier & fabric combo*
*large chandelier - $150.00 -- fabric - $70.00


wedding arch rental
wedding arch rental
Wrought Iron Arch
arch - 152
approx 8' height - 5' width
$120.00 without decor
Decor price varies w your exact design requirements. $270.00 - as pictured w tulle, lights, garlands & faux flowers .


wedding gazebo
wedding arch
Decorated Chuppah
Garden Arch w Fence
wedding canopy chuppah - 101
wedding canopy chuppah - 102
10' height x 7' width - pictured w lounge furniture
9' height x7' width / gate opens
$150.00 w/o decor - add $80.00 for white or ivory fabric
$110.00 w/o decor


flower ball ceremony area
flower ball ceremony area
Flower Balls, Ribbon & Hanging Jewels - A great alternative to the traditional wedding arch.
arch - 210
dimensions vary with ceremony area
Price varies w complexity - please inquire. This display starts at $420.00 w fresh flowers.
faux flower balls -- sm - $6.00 - med - 9.00 - lg - 12.00 -- garlands additional
Installation by our staff is required. The price of installation depends on where the flower balls will be located. A very beautiful/visual wedding background. Goes well with vintage.


wedding arches
wedding arches
wedding arches
wedding arches
Metal Leaf Arch
Wood Garden White Arch
Wood Garden White Arch
Wrought Iron Arch
arch - 122
arch - 124
arch - 124
arch - 126
$350.00 - decorated
$100 standard / $200 decorated


wedding arches
wedding pom pom arch
wedding arches
rust wrought iron decorated wedding arch
Columns with Acrylic Topper
Pom Pom Arch
Pom Pom Arch
Rust Wrought Iron Arch
arch - 134
arch - 139
arch - 139
arch - 142
 w clear acrylic topper
ceremony arch
cake arch
64" w / 92" h 
$125.00 w votives*
*hanging crystals are additional
$195.00 prices begin*
*many colors available - can use flowers
*finish price depends on how many poms are used
$225.00 prices begin - many colors available
decorations are additional


Wedding Arches
Wedding Arches
Wedding Arches
Moss Arch
Moss Candelabra
Black Meal Arch
arch - 101
candelabra - 101
arch - 104
$35.00 - undecorated


Pipe and Drape
Chuppah canopy
Display Booth
wedding canopy chuppah - 101
wedding canopy chuppah - 102
pictured with lighting package
White or Ivory Chiffon - includes pipe socks & sashes
pricing varies
$250.00 basic fabric / $450.00 specialty fabric & includes sashes & pipe socks


Please Note

Same day or late night removal of arches begin at $150.00
Chuppah pipe socks to mask bases are $3.50 each.
Chuppah sashes are $2.00

OUTDOOR USE of Chuppah

weights for bases are mandatory and are $60 additional.


Wedding Arches
Wedding Arches
wedding arch rental
Decorated Arch
arch w/o decor
arch w/o decor
arch - 124
arch - 112
arch - 168
$120 -
$200 - as pictured w faux flowers & greenery
$50 w/o curly willow or pots
$395 w curly willow, ferns & pots
$95 - not decorated


Wedding Arches
Wedding Arches
columns & arch
white columns
arch - 116
arch - 118
faux greenery & flowers are additional
greenery, ferns, tulle & flowers are additional
$320 w faux flowers & greenery
$35 each w/o decor
$150 w faux flowers, tulle, greenery


We decorate fireplaces

wedding stage
wedding fireplace
Wedding Flowerball Fireplace
Wedding Candlestick Fireplace
wedding fireplace - 301
wedding fireplace - 303
$165.00 - approximate - 12 faux floral balls*
*pricing varies w size, number & type of flower balls
faux flower balls - $12.00 each as pictured
*price includes candlesticks & Mercury Glass


Need help handling the food? We will bring everything needed to serve your guests and enough staff to provide great service. We will coordinate equipment needs with your local restaurant and transfer food to the appropriate trays or chafers. Our staff will set up before the event including the serving, replenishing and clean up after the event. Lastly, we'll take all of our rentals with us at the conclusion of your event.

We can provide wedding & floral design assistance. We offer a seamless wedding design that begins with your ceremony area and flows straight through to the reception. Schedule a design consulation today.

A Design Consultation is $50.00. If you book your event with us, we will credit your invoice for the entire consultation fee.

The purpose of a Design Consultation is not to sell our services to you. We will provide as much information as we can on the process of wedding design, answer your questions and offer ideas about bringing your vision to life. You will leave the consultation with a clear sense of what will be required to realize your wedding design.

In preparation for your design consultation, feel free to bring in color swatches, photos that inspire you and any other materials to help give us an idea of the look that you wish to create. Many of our brides like to meet with the florist during our design consultation so that we can design a cohesive and beautiful look that will flow throughout your space.  Let us know if you would like to have our florist sit in on the design meeting.

Use our wedding planning, coordinating, bartenders or any of our additional wedding services and you will reduce the delivery & teardown charges. Adding services has the added benefit of increasing your order size, so that you can meet our Saturday minimum order of $500.00 for a Saturday delivery.

Just as wedding designs are constantly changing, so is our inventory. Our complete inventory is not always shown on our web site or on display in our design studio. We have new stock arriving weekly. At times, specific pieces may not be available due to high demand. We suggest booking your rentals several weeks in advance.