Candelabra . Candle Presentations . Votive Presentations

We handle wrought iron, copper and resin candle holders. Votives and candles are not included in the rental price.


Unity candles are often keepsake items and are not included with Unity Stand rentals.

Only the Votive Holder is included with a Votive Holder rental. Tea lights are additional. We have several styles of Votive Holders and light sources available.

Wrought Iron Candelabras do not include pillar candles. Pillar candles are available in wax or plastic and are battery operated.

We suggest that you use drip-less or battery operated candles. Regular candles drip and leave a wax residue that is difficult to clean. If you choose to use wax candles, we suggest using some type of drip plate under the candle. Candelabras returned with wax residue are subject to a $25 cleanup fee per candelabra.

Tea lights, candles, & globes are not included in pricing.

All pick-up orders will require 20% security deposit. Security deposits will be refunded once all items have been returned, unless damaged or missing. Arches, chuppahs, chandeliers and candelabras are subject to a higher deposit.


Centerpiece Rentals
Not in stock at this time.
Candelabra / 5 Candle
Tall Rust Candelabra
Silver Candelabra w Jewels
candle/votive holder - 142 - 8
candle/votive holder - 204
candle/votive holder - 304-7
32" h
48" h x 25" x 25" - 8" base
32" h x 16" x 16" - 7" base
$22.00 - silver, white, champagne


candle & votive holders
candle & votive holders
candle & votive holders
Silver Candelabra
Votive Tower
Votive Tower
candle/votive holder - 108
candle/votive holder - 102-2
candle/votive holder - 104
33" h
 55" h
36" / 48" / 60" h
$45.00 includes flame votives
$16.50 / $22.50 / $27.50


Candle & Votive Holders
Centerpiece Rentals
Unity Candlestand
Wrought Iron Candelabra
Candelabra / 5 Candle
Wrought Iron Pillar Candelabra
candle/votive holder - 181-6
candle/votive holder - 144-8
candle/votive holder - 146-2
52" h - 15 votives incl.
32" h
52" h x 30" w
$22.00 - glass globes - $2.00 ea.
in silver, white, & champagne


Rentals and Staffing

Need help handling the food? We will bring everything needed to serve your guests and enough staff to provide great service. We can coordinate equipment needs with your local restaurant (or family chef) and transfer food to the appropriate trays or chafers. Our staff will set up before the event and assist with the serving, replenishing and clean up after the event. Lastly, we'll take all of our rentals with us at the conclusion of your event. Two great services that often go hand in hand: WAIT STAFF SERVICE . TABLE SERVICE RENTALS